Craig W. Hartman

The 2010 Walton Critic and Professor in Residence (Oct 10-17, 2010) . The Catholic University of America — School of Architecture and Planning (SSCS Concentration)

CUA School of Architecture and Planning ....................................................... ..... Sacred Space and Cultural Studies Concentration

Craig W. Hartman, FAIA, is a design partner based in SOM's San Francisco Office. His work with SOM in the United States, Europe, and Asia, while extremely broad in its typology—ranging from entire urban districts to singular works of commercial, civic, and cultural architecture—consistently adheres to a rigorous modern vocabulary that acknowledges issues of place involving climate, physical and cultural landscape, and historic precedent. Mr. Hartman's work has been recognized with over 120 awards for design, which, in addition to 8 national AIA Honor Awards, includes two Gold LEED® Certifications and AIA awards for environmental sustainability at Treasure Island and the University of California, Merced. He also received a Federal Design Achievement Award in the 2000 Presidential Design Awards Program. In 2001, Hartman became the youngest recipient of the Maybeck Award, an award presented periodically by the California Chapter of the AIA to an individual in recognition of "lifetime achievement in architectural design." During the dedication ceremony for The Cathedral of Christ the Light in September 2008, the Vatican's Knighthood for Service to Society (St. Sylvester) was bestowed upon Hartman by Pope Benedictus XVI. He also received an Honorary Doctorate of the Arts from Ball State University during the May 2009 commencement ceremony. For more on architect Hartman, click here.During his residence at CUA School of Architecture and Planning, architect Hartman directed an intense one-week long charrette devoted to the design a relic or ritual space in a pilgrimage route in the red rock desert of Southern Utah. This effort took place in the context of sacred space and cultural studies gradiate studio led by Associate Professor Julio Bermudez. As the 2010 Walton Critic, Hartman participated in meetings with faculty and students outside the studio as well. His main public lecture took place on October 13, 2010 at 6:00pm and addressed the matter of sacred space (including his design of the Cathedral of Christ the Light) as well as his current large scale urban design/planning work in China.Craig W. Hartman's residence was made possible in part by a the Clarence Walton Fund for Catholic Architecture. Past Walton Critics include architect Antoine Predock (2009).